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House of Argentina
Member of the House of Pacific Relations
International Cottages, Inc.

The purpose of the House of Argentina is:
To share, celebrate, educate, and promote the history of Argentina to San Diego and its visitors.
We're dedicated to helping foster educational, cultural, non-political, non-sectarian, non-profit,
public benefit and charitable ideals among all San Diegans. Our aim is to promote liberty, peace,
justice and better understanding among people of all nationalities, races and ethnic groups.
Want to know what's happening at the House of Argentina?
All the latest information is at the News
"Boletín" or "Eventos" page.
Lawn Program
The yearly Lawn program is held in July or August. The Independence Day for Argentina is on July 9th.
The entertainment for this occasion is provided by some professional Tango and Folklore dancers.
They show that Tango dancing is not just a social form of dance,
but an art that requires talent and training.
Talented members of the house contribute to the fun by displaying their
folklore dancing and playing music on the piano, guitar and flute.
Foods served
For the Lawn Program, the Ethnic Food Fair and the December Holidays
you will find Italian Sausage Sandwiches,
Empanadas (meat, onion and eggs in a turnover),
Flan, cookies and cakes. Lemonade is served as a cool refreshment.
Dinner Social
Once a month a Dinner Social is programmed in the Hall of Nations.
The time is from 5:00 pm to 10:00 pm, besides dinner they will show Argentinean movies.
Usually on those dinner socials we serve typical Argentinean food such as
Locro, Empanadas, Asado, Mate, Wines, Flan and Alfajores, to name a few.
Christmas Party
In December there is a Christmas Party for the entire families.
Time and place vary and are announced in advance.
Special traditional holiday foods are served.
The Queens and Princesses dance and sing with the children.

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